Version 40 released

Back to Unity. Ported all the improvements from Godot back into Unity. Ripped out the entire mission system and put the new mission system in. More story in the style of A Short Hike. Took about 80 hours over one week.

I also wrote instructions on coding your own gravity into a game.

It's short. If you whizz through the current 3 mission you'll be done in under 10 minutes. That's why it's free for now! Let me know any bugs you find.

More missions are coming soon. To make writing them easier I made up a format and the game parses it. It looks like this:

Name: Intro
Description: Orbit the Earth
TriggerLocation: Earth
Intro: Ziggy: Hi!
Intro: You: Hi Ziggy! Like my new rocket?
Intro: Ziggy: Wow! I love it! When you've taken it out and got used to flying it, I could do with a hand.
Intro: You: Sure! I'll just have a practice orbit and I'll come back and see you.
Accept: Continue
Type: Orbit
Target: Earth

So I can knock out missions really quickly and easily. That's the plan anyway.

I've ironed out tons of bugs and I do know of some minor issues.

I'll be looking at them next and working towards a full release but basically this is what the finished game will look like.

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